Initial Consultation

We will guide you through the full process to get you where you need to go. We don’t need a detailed requirement document or ‘back of the napkin’ sketch. Call or email us with your contact information to set up a time and day to discuss what you are trying to accomplish. We’ll then ask you some initial questions to help us scope out what you’re trying to achieve. Once we understand the types of engineering skills you will need and have answered your questions to your liking, we bring in our technical leads and begin our professional assessment. Questions? Email us at Would calling us work better? Our direct line to technical sales +91-8137923646 . We are here to answer your questions; not push you to make any decisions.

Technical Assessment

At this point, our engineering department management and technology leadership team get involved. If you have any documentation, our design team will review it and ask questions so they can assess and quote the effort required to get you to your end goal.

Project Quotation

Our engineering management will work with the engineering staff to break the work down into measurable tasks and deliverables. Engineering management and technical sales collaborate to take the information provided by the engineers and build a quotation. We complete the quote by reviewing the initial estimated efforts from the engineers and using our project management expertise to assess task technical, schedule, scope and effort risk. We apply our project expertise to the estimated effort and build you a quotation for your review

Quote Negotiations

We never throw a quote over the wall, unless asked to do so! Once sales and engineering management sign off on the quote, we set up a time to review it with you. The review can be done via a screen share in a teleconference or live with you in our office or your office. We then walk you through the tasks and costs and risks. Our intention is to be sure you understand as much as you can so that you can make an educated decision on moving forward.

Project Terms & Conditions

How we structure the terms and conditions will depend upon several factors. Our default for custom designs is to quote them as a budgetary estimate. It is nearly impossible to know all the details and discovery going into a new project. It is possible for either part or all of the project to be quoted as not to exceed or fixed price. But it’s important to recognize that this is risky and will result in a higher cost project in most cases. The quote along with the T’s and C’s are intended to give you enough information for you to be able to submit your first purchase order to us and start work.

Project Billing

Our tools are all integrated. Engineers enter time into our time tracking tool (same tool as mentioned above). The project manager approves the timesheets for your project.

Project Changes

Depending upon the project, urgency, schedule, technical risk, customer business changes, and other factors, changes may be necessary. We fully understand this and if this happens will work with you to create change orders or new purchase orders. We are also able to extend a PO beyond its budgetary limits with your written approval if necessary.

Project Completion

We will provide you either incremental releases of your deliverables or a full package at the end of the project. The IP is yours; you paid for it.We have your best interests in mind which will become apparent after working with us.