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Core Development Phases

  1. Functionality Definition & Requirements
    Creation of a list of functional requirements including data-based processes (acquisition, control, processing, and storage), connectivity & flexibility for cross-domain technologies, security concerns for stable data manipulation and storage, and power management for energy consumption efficiency.
  2. Competitive Market Analysis
    Global and local market scan, hands-on assessment of competitor products, strategic responses to missing competitors, and competitive advantage analysis.
  3. Proof of Concept(PoC) Creation
    Testing the first version of the device with the most essential functionality, validation of technical solutions, evaluation of sensor and actuator options, identification of potential risks, and gathering of data and feedback.
  4. Hardware Development & Testing
    Development of a block diagram, schematic design, PCB layout, and preparation of the Bill of Materials (BOM), ordering PCB and components for samples and control of manufacturing, verification of signals, and testing with software/firmware.
  5. Firmware Development & Integration
    Initiating in parallel with hardware development, this crucial phase involves crafting firmware tailored for microcontrollers, followed by rigorous iterative testing to ensure seamless hardware compatibility. Key activities include enhancing firmware functionality, establishing cloud connectivity, and making necessary adjustments based on test outcomes
  6. MVP Development
    Launching the MVP to gather initial feedback and identify potential issues.
  7. Product Refinement & Optimization
    Making corrections, additions, and improvements based on collected insights, repeating the process as needed.
  8. Scaling to Mass Production
    Selection of a manufacturer and provision of necessary hardware and firmware materials, organization of a quality control stage.
  9. Ongoing Support & Updates
    Establishment of support tools and procedures including OTA updates, remote control, factory settings reset, device identification, and ongoing support.

Enclosure Design Options

  1. Standard Enclosure Selection (Off-the-shelf Enclosure)
    An enclosure that is readily available in the market. We cannot customize this as it's purchasing from a third party.
  2. Custom 3D Printed Enclosure Design
    We will design the customized enclosure and will 3D print this.
  3. Industrial Injection Moulding Design
    We will do industrial design for injection moulded enclosure. We will make the mold and will manufacture injection moulded enclosure.

Software & Application Development

  1. Quick-Deploy IoT Dashboard for Testing
    An Economical and Efficient Testing Solution.We will use readily available dashboard for testing purpose and we may develop a simple one. This won't be in professional look and customization is not possible. This will be solely for testing with limited features.
  2. Cloud Platform Setup & Backend Development
    Setting up and developing a cloud platform for device management, admin tools, and user applications.
  3. Admin Panel for Device & User Management
    Panel for device and user management.
  4. End-User Application Development
    Mobile applications on iOS and Android for device control, pairing, and monitoring.
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